Your roof has a problem:

There's no solar on it.

We fund solar energy installations for Australian businesses.

If you qualify, we will fund your solar installation for no money down.

On-grid and off-grid options available, with all work completed by local installers in your area that are accredited by the Clean Energy Council of Australia.

We will cover 100% of the installation and equipment costs.

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On-grid system

Off-grid system

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For businesses

Solar energy that feels free.

Here's how it works.

1. Apply for funding

Tell us more about your business and how much energy you use.

2. A local installer gives you a quote

One of our approved installers will provide you with a quotation for the system that matches your choice.

3. Sign your power purchase agreement (PPA)

When you're ready to go, we will provide you with a power purchase agreement.

4. Pay your bill monthly

Pay your (reduced!) electricity bill monthly, and enjoy the benefits of solar energy.

Solar energy shouldn't cost the earth.

We're tired of seeing cost slow down the energy transition the world needs. So we created a better way for people to fund renewable energy.

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Sunlight is free.
Shouldn't solar energy be, too?

We believe that renewable energy is a universal right, but existing financial models are either too slow or  expensive to accelerate the adoption needed to influence climate change. So, we designed our own.

For installers

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